Accounting - We offer our Clients weekly accounting, monthly accounting, quarterly accounting, or whatever they feel best fits their need. We recommend weekly accounting; we remote into our Client's program and keep abreast of their numbers on an ongoing basis each week, keeping our Client informed of any trend developing in their business.  The cost of weekly accounting is the same as looking at numbers monthly, but far more effective; weekly accounting allows our Clients to be able to stop a problem in their business before it costs them lost profit.  

Accounting Software - We find Intuit programs are real "workhorses" in the accounting world, and we heartily  recommend them.  Intuit Products are able to grow with our Clients as their business grows, yet they still retain the basic feel of even the simplest Quick Books program.  

Business Consulting & Business Plans - We help our Client's in many areas; banking relationships, new product ideas, expansion, and more! Do you have an idea for a new business, but you're wondering if it would ever work? We can help you to make it a reality.

Business Strategy & Help for Troubled Businesses - How to keep your business in business! Are your profit margins dwindling? Is it becoming harder to pay your Vendors? We can help put your business back on track!

Inventory Management -  When was the last time you counted your Inventory? We can help you take control of your Inventory and drive your business to greater profits!

Payroll - Many Owners prefer to have us do their payroll; we take the worry off their shoulders, from direct deposits to tax compliance.

Point of Sale - We love to see our Retail Clients succeed, and we know that a fresh start with a well setup Point of Sale in their  business is just the ticket for success! We know implementing a new " Cash Register" or Point of Sale can be daunting, so we make the process easy for our Clients!

Project Management - Are you expanding? Are you moving locations? Are you renovating? Can your business afford it? We will "crunch" the numbers for you, work with your Contractors, and make your project happen!

QuickBooks Support & Training - We are Quick Books Certified Pro Advisors; we support all  Intuit Programs, from Quick Books to Enterprise Solutions, and  Point of Sale. Record keeping in your business is crucial. We properly set up your accounting program for you, and show you the ins and outs of using it. 

Remote Support - We quickly remote into your program and fix any issue you may have! 

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