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Patty's Pennies

Every Day Saving; It's a Lifestyle

by Patty Stinnett on 06/26/20

Early in 2012, I was chatting with a Client about Every Day Savings that really add up; Lifestyle Savings. By the end of that conversation; we'd made a bet; that for a Single Person,  I could get my Household expenses (groceries, household supplies) pared down to $100.00 per month. Now, being one that never likes to lose a bet, I jumped right in, and my Research was on a roll. 

I started out by going to my local Walmart and Kroger Stores with a Clipboard; I looked at items I would normally buy, wrote prices down, and told the Employees about my bet, that I was doing research to see where I could pare down expenses, but still eat well. I also mentioned I didn't plan on using Oak Leaves for Toilet Paper either, which gave us all a good laugh. At the end of a month of research, I decided it was time to deploy Operation Savings!

First, I realized to phase in to Operation Savings would take some time; in order to cut expenses, I would only be able to buy items on Sale. So I got online, and checked both Walmart and Kroger adds every week, and downloaded store coupons.  I figured it would take me roughly two months to be able to just go and buy strictly Sale items without being hungry in the process. As my Mother would say, I had to Build up my Larder first. 

Second, I realized I would no longer do a "Traditional Shopping" visit each week. Instead, I would only shop Sales. I figured I could buy extra quantity of all Sale Items, but then I realized I may need a Freezer. I'll explain how I was able to get a great deal on a beautiful Freezer in a later Post. 

I did clip some Coupons, but I didn't go whole hog about it; if I saw a Coupon I could use, it went into my wallet for my next shopping trip. 

Third, I found Kroger's Five for Five deal a good Savings; if an item is on Sale, and you buy 5 of that Item, you get an extra discount on top of the Sale Price. Case in Point; last week Kroger had Butter on Sale @ $2.99 a lb, but if you bought 5 lbs, it was $2.49 a lb. That meant I didn't have to go to Costco in Lexington to buy Butter, so I saved on Gas too. By the way, Butter freezes very well. 

Fourth, I decided I would never walk into a Grocery Store without a List of what I needed, and that I would stick to that List, unless I found an unexpected Sale, then into my Cart it goes. But I do look over the Reduced Price Selection at both Kroger and Walmart, and go up and down the Baking goods Isle to see what they may be discontinuing; I've snagged some great deals that way, and tried a few new things to boot. 

Fifth, I decided I would go down every Isle when I shop, because you never know when they may be putting a product on Sale, especially one they are discontinuing. I have found great deals at Kroger on colored Gator Clips, Post It Note Calendars, Avery Binders, Planners, and 9 x 13 envelopes for my Business that were on sale at a lower price than Walmart! 

I also time my shopping trip; when I get out of the car, I set my phone alarm for the time I comfortably have to be in the Store. I know if I linger too long, I'll get hungry, which means every item on the shelves looks delicious and somehow it jumps right into my Cart. 

After realizing I could save on Groceries and Household items, I have carried this same thinking over to everything I buy; clothes, cars, furniture, appliances, etc. 

My Next Post will detail how long it took me to get to $100.00 a month for Groceries and Household Supplies on a consistent basis.  


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